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I Medici Florence | Italian Craftsmanship

 About I medici bags

The fine art of crafting leather is a process that has been perfected over the years in Florence Italy where the brand I Medici was born. The production of I Medici leather consists of a natural process that is mindful of the environment by using vegetable oils for tanning the fine Italian leather providing an astounding design for travel bags, briefcases, and messenger bags. Vegetable-tanning secures the most precious aspects of the calf skin making the leather elegant to the touch, while delivering an unprecedented level of durability for extended use.


I Medici master craftsmen have experience handed down since 1952, from generations of gifted Italian leather artisans from a tradition that has been cherished over the centuries. Every leather bag is meticulously engineered to deliver a state-of-the-art design in every stitch complementing the carrier’s taste in high-fashion. I Medici Florence offers a beautiful assortment of leather bags from Italian leather briefcases for traveling business professionals to classy handbags for women.


The I Medici brand officially launched in 1999 judiciously named after the Italian Medici family of merchants, bankers, poets and artists—who prominently ruled the republic of Florence in the 1500s. I Medici projects not only the professional legacy of the Medici family, but the excellence of finely crafted Italian leather craftsmanship for professional men and women in business and travel accessories.